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Bigg Boss 7: Sangram Takes Lie Detector Test; Armaan Continues To Disrespect Tanisha!

Bigg Boss 7 is getting more and more interesting with Sangram Singh, who claims to have spoken the truth throughout this show, is made to take a lie detecting test. This brings out many opinions of him about the inmates sitting outside, which ends up putting him in major trouble. Meanwhile, Armaan Kohli continues to talk to Tanisha very disrespectfully and she continues to accept his behaviour as if what he says does not matter as long as he continues to "protect" her from other inmates.

Bigg Boss house saw Rajneeti task, where Elli Avram's team won with majority of votes. This gave Elli the right to nominate two inmates from the winning team to become captain. Elli knowing when Tanisha gets nominated along with her, every one in the house would vote Elli herself, nominated Tanisha along with herself to become captain. As planned Elli got all the votes making her the captain.

Meanwhile in one corner of the house Armaan Kohli and Tanisha Mukherjee are having their usual conversation. Where Armaan talks and Tanisha listens. Armaan continues to push her away from him not bothering to think twice if his words are hurtful and Tanisha says calmly to respect her and continues to stick to him regardless of his insults. What is the reason behind her ignoring his words repeatedly and still be at his service, can be a separate discussion all together.

Also, Andy, Sangram and Kamya get a pleasant surprise from their family members, who sent them a recorded video message.

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