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Sofia Hayat Gets Immense Support On Twitter Post Armaan's Attack On Bigg Boss!


Bigg Boss 7 ex-contestant Sofia Hayat, who had got her co-contestant Armaan Kohli arrested for physically abusing her, is getting huge support from her fans and viewers in India.

Sofia Hayat had earlier filed a complaint against Armaan saying that he had hit her with a mop during a task. In the complaint, she even mentioned that he had been using a lot of abusive language, which was intolerable. Armaan was arrested tonight by the Police as he was charged for manhandling Sofia and showing unacceptable behaviour.

On social websites like Twitter and Facebook, Sofia is getting enormous support for what she has done. People, and especially girls are extremely happy with this decision of Sofia. They believe that she has taken the right step now unlike other girls who keep quiet baring all of it silently.

Here are some tweets that have given the British actor-singer immense support and have made her stand by the step she has taken.

Arsalan Mehboob @ArsalanMehboob1
@sofiahayat brave! u knw hw 2 stand 4 urself! don't lstn 2 any1, sm ppl wil try to presurize u but u r right coz ppl spprt u! good lck b safe.

Sujit Agrawal @imsujitagrawal
Armaan Kohli finally in the news. Father worked his ass off in the 90s to make it happen. @sofiahayat did it in 3 weeks..... #BB7

saq2204 @saq2204
@kysonj @sofiahayat. Assaulting a woman in da name of a reality shw IS violence.Its called a Reality show fr a reason,I.e it equates reality.

arpit vij @arpitvij
Sofia Hayat tributes Nirbhaya on 16th dec'13 by makng a woman abuser Armaan arrested. @sofiahayat Girl.u nailed it.Bless you. @BiggBoss

Simran Srivastava @SimranSrivasta9
@sofiahayat u showed today that there is still mankind left in the world...there is no place for #womenabuser...*hats off*

Little Elves @ElvesLittle
@sofiahayat dis crime's so common in our society n u've done great by taking stand against dis.Many of d females wil surely be inspired by u.

Pri @PriyaSamSan
@sofiahayat u didn't try 2earn publicity by staying in #BB7 & beggin4votes instead u asked d channel 2take strict action angst such behavior.

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