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Comedy Nights With Kapil's Gutthi-Sunil Grover Quitting!

Comedy Nights With Kapil's famous character Gutthi, played by Sunil Grover, is rumored to be quitting the show. Apparently, with his role becoming so popular, he asked for a hike in his paycheck. But with the producers denying to budge, Sunil apparently has decided to leave the show.

Comedy Nights With Kapil, recently recovered from the fire accident which destroyed their sets. But the latest calamity that has hit the popular show is that the famous Gutthi character, played by Sunil Grover, is going to end!

A reliable source said, "Sunil's character Gutthi has become very popular and he demanded a hike in his remuneration. But the production house and the channel did not budge to his demands. Hence as of now he has stopped shooting and it is unlikely that he will make a comeback in the show. He also has lot of other offers in his kitty."

Another source close to the makers of the show said, "Sunil's Gutthi act had become the show's USP. And a lot of people associated with the show didn't like it one bit. They wanted to cut Sunil's act down to size. There was suddenly a lot of interference in the way he projected himself in the show. Sunil began to feel stifled. Rather than stay on in a situation that was growing increasingly difficult Sunil chose to leave the show."

Gutthi along with her side kick Payal have been the favourite characters in the show, apart from Kapil Sharma of course. But the show won the hearts of millions as a package and not as individuals. Now with news about Gutthi leaving the show, will the show bounce back without Gutthi and Payal? Time only can answer this question.

Comedy Nights Without Gutthi and Payal. Viewers are sure going to miss the famous Gutthi-Hrithik, Hrithik-Gutthi, Gutthi-Shahrukh, Shahrukh-Gutthi, Hrithik-audience, audience-Hrithik, Shahrukh-Hrithik, Hrithik-Shahrukh introduction.

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