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Dexter Season 8: Here is the first episode of final season!

Written by: Girija Narayan

Dexter mania has finally hit USA and millions of his fans are getting to watch the final season of this hugely popular series to find out how things finally end and what happens to the most loved serial killer of all time.

This has been an unusual serial killer series where the lead character Dexter played by Michael C Hall, is the actual serial killer, yet he only kills the bad guys for good reason. He turns out to be an unusual kind of super hero targeting other serial killers, who kill innocent people.

The series has caught the imagination of people around the world and there is a considerable following for Dexter in India too. Though the current season will only be aired much later in India, most of the die-hard fans somehow manage to get a copy and watch it within a day after the USA TV screening.

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