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Fear Factor: Get ready for Extreme Fear

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Fear Factor - Darr Se Takkar, the show is satisfying the thrill seeker's hunger in the safety of their homes. The show on Big RTL Thrill has become the one destination show for all extreme stunts competitions. Here is what you can expect this week on the show that airs from Monday to Friday at 9 pm.

Fear Factor

Monday, May 20: In this episode, contestants paired with strangers compete in stunts including an underwater rescue, eating disgusting picnic items, and crawling under a moving train. Fear Factor travels to Dallas, Texas for a Home Invasion.

Tuesday, May 21: In this ex-couples episode, the women must lean off a balance beam atop a moving boat and grab hanging flags while their ex-boyfriends support them with a rope. Teams must also collect scorpions while strapped to a vertically spinning wheel, and drive cars up onto flatbed truck trailers. A family is challenged to eat roaches in this week's Home Invasion.

Wednesday, May 22: In this episode, the couple's competition continues as the men race to free the women from a shower that sprays blood. Then, the men must retrieve a flag from a semi truck while lying on a street luge being pulled by a hearse, and the women must climb on top of the hearse and plant the flag. Back at the Bates Motel, the remaining couples receive an unpleasant surprise. A family is challenged to eat slugs in this week's Home Invasion.

Thursday, May 23: In this episode, the final three couples compete for $250,000. Couples must collect roaches from their hotel rooms; eat Iraqi camel spiders; and the men must assemble a detonator and blow the women out of the Psycho house in a massive explosion. A family is challenged to drink shots of blended worms, stinky cheese, and rotten milk in this week's Home Invasion.

Friday, May 24: In this episode, teams must leap back and forth between tilting platforms hanging from helicopters; receive humiliating haircuts; and blow themselves out of a shipping container suspended in midair. A family is challenged to transfer stink beetles by mouth in this week's Home Invasion.

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