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Gauhar Khan And Kushal Tandon's Lovey Dovey Moments On Bigg Boss 7!

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Gauhar Khan and Kushal Tandon have nailed their love to the world from the show Bigg Boss 7. There were moments which had tears, joy and love and there were moments which even had some differences shown. Unlike the other pair Armaan Kohli and Tanisha Mukherjee, Kushal and Gauhar had the guts to speak out their love for each other.

See Slider for the Lovey Dovey moments of love birds Gauhar Khan and Kushal Tandon.

Gauhar Khan-Kushal Tandon Romance At Bigg Boss 7!

Gauhar Khan and Kushal Tandon expressed their love in the Bigg Boss 7 house which was the first of its kind.

Gauhar and Kushal's Entry In Bigg Boss 7!

Gauhar and Kushal entered the Bigg Boss 7 house with much confidence and fervor.

Gauhar-Kushal Get Close In Jahannum!

Gauhar was sent to jahannum which turned as the starting point for the love between her and Kushal.

Gauhar Kushal First Friends!

Gauhar and Kushal first became friends on Bigg Boss 7 where they both shared their joy and masti.

Gauhar-Kushal's Growing Closeness!

After their friendship became strong, both of them started sharing the maximum amount of time with each other.

Gauhar Kushal Stand For Each Other.

When Kushal hit Andy Gauhar stood by him thinking that he is correct and did not hit Andy in actual.

Andy Shocked By Gauhar-Kushal Response!

Andy who was once Gauhar's friend was shocked by the response that came from both of them.

Gauhar-Kushal Leave Bigg Boss 7!

After a lot of ifs and buts Kushal and Gauhar left the house. The exit was a dramatic one where Kushal lifted Gauhar in his arms and walked out.

Kushal Re-enters Gauhar Happy!

Kushal came back to the house which Gauhar did expect from a long time and she could not control her happiness.

Gauhar Kushal Love Turns Into A Triangle!

Kushal's re-entry into the house brought a twist in the story as he was not alone Ajaz too was in the line to impress Gauhar.

Kushal Proposed Gauhar On National Television

Kushal proposed Gauhar on the national television and even said that he wants to grow old with her.

Once A Break Cannot Separate Them!

Kushal did not like Gauhar talking to Ajaz which made him pissed off and not talk to Gauhar for 2 days.

Kushal's Anger Made Gauhar Cry!

Kushal who stayed angry with Gauhar for a while could not see her crying and apologized to her.

Kushal Pillar For Gauhar

Gauhar was helped by Kushal in the tasks as well which made her win it and become the captain once again.

Kushal's Eviction Nightmare For Gauhar

Kushal's eviction had always been a nightmare for Gauhar who did not want Kushal even a moment away from her.

Kushal Gauhar Outside Bigg Boss

What remains the question is how far is their relationship gonna last for both of them as Gauhar and Kushal have different aims.

Moments Close For Gauhar And Kushal

In the Bigg Boss house there wasn't any moment Kushal and Gauhar did not like being close to each other.

Kushal Gauhar's Love; Heartbreak For Ajaz

Though Kushal and Gauhar are now happy in their lives they even made someone cry his heart out, the person was no one else but Ajaz Khan.

Gauhar Supported By Family

When Gauhar's sister Nigaar Khan came inside the Bigg Boss 7 house she too openly accepted the relationship between her sister and Kushal.

Gauhar-Kushal's Love Reminds Us Of..

The love story of Gauhar and Kushal might be different but it certainly reminds us of some love  stories fom the previous Bigg Boss seasons.

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