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Bigg Boss 7: Gauhar And Kushal To Re-Unite; Post Diwali, Kushal's Girlfriend Elena To Enter!

Bigg Boss 7's Kushal and Gauhar drama continues as news saying Gauhar Khan, who re-entered the house yesterday, was assured Kushal will be brought back into the house very soon. Also, Bigg Boss has decided to increase the heat by throwing in Kushal's current girlfriend Elena Boeva in as well. Diwali sure seems to be dropping one bomb after another in Bigg Boss house.

We all know the entire drama that took place in the Bigg Boss house on Monday and Tuesday. Andy becoming a scape goat for discussing nominations with other inmates. Andy then taking full advantage of the next task, during which he hurt many of the inmates, including Gauhar. Kushal, the knight in shinning armour, came to stand up for her honour.

In the heat of being a Knight, Kushal ended up attacking Andy physically. Bigg Boss then sent Kushal packing, but this time Gauhar stood up for his honour and expressed her displeasure regarding Bigg Boss's decision and left the house alongside Kushal.

If all this drama was not enough, Ajaz Khan and Candy Brar entered the house and Andy was ceremoniously slipped out and was sent to the caravan, where, he was joined by Sofia Hayat, the singer-actor-model from London.

Coming back to Gauhar and Kushal, who were by now in a hotel room, were joined by Gauhar's mother and sister, who tried to convince her to return to the show but for no avail. Bigg Boss apparently had to step in (or rather step down) to give in to her demands and promise Kushal to be back on the show. After which she re-entered the show.

The latest news is that Kushal will be entering the show next week, post Diwali, with his girlfriend, from outside Bigg Boss house, Elena Boeva!

Well, Bigg Boss show is sure going to have quite a few bombs going off this Diwali! What with Kushal's previous girlfriend, Candy Brar, his 'in-house' girlfriend Gauhar Khan and now his current girlfriend, Elena Boeva staying under the same roof, it will definitely be interesting to see whose Knight he will choose to be in the house now!

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