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How Gauhar Khan Beat Tanisha, Sangram And Others At Bigg Boss 7!

Gauhar Khan won Bigg Boss 7 overtaking Tanisha Mukherjee and Sangram Singh. And what gave this victory to Gauhar Khan and how she won, is a well portrayed image, beauty, love, heartbreak, romance and some very good PR.

Gauhar Khan started off her Bigg Boss journey like the other 15 contestants. She initially stood apart with her sharp tongue and strong personality. But the house had quite a few who had these. What she wanted was something no one has and something that will make her controversial and interesting. Then came Kushal Tandon.

Kushal Tandon was a easy going chap and can easily be called the male version of someone between Elli Avram and Sofia Hayat. Some one who is as innocent, trusting and honest as Elli Avram and someone who is as gullible, ignorant and easily manipulated as Sofia Hayat.

Though Armaan and Tanisha tried the same trick, they did not get as much attention as this couple (Well, for starters, this couple looked better and far more appealing). And the entire scenario of Kushal standing up for Gauhar and getting thrown out, then Gauhar leaving with him, their separation, followed by reunion and so on. Everything worked in Gauhar Khan's favour despite all minor obstacles.

When it comes to Tanisha Mukherjee and Sangram Singh competing with Gauhar Khan. There was not even a chance for them to overtake Gauhar Khan in getting-votes department.

A humble wrestler from Punjab, Sangram Singh, though honest throughout his stay and remained a true friend, did not stand a chance against a beauty who had people working to get her votes day and night.

When it comes to Tanisha Mukherjee, it seemed like there was a competition between the two in the last few days and there was a chance that Tanisha might after all win the title. But, she was not even close. There were rumours circulating that when Tanisha gained 5 lakhs votes, Gauhar Khan got 20 lakhs votes. Well, reality.

Whatever the means, the majority feels Gauhar Khan deserved to win, and with majority of votes Gauhar Khan has been declared the winner of Bigg Boss Saath 7. Cheers.

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