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Iss Pyaar Ko....2: Astha Returns To Shlok A Different Person To Teach Him A Lesson!

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - Ek Baar Phir's latest spoilers say that Astha, who has left Shlok, will return back to him, but not as the innocent girl that she was previously. She will be a changed girl, stronger and more prepared to give it back to Shlok.

Astha's life soon after her marriage with her love of her life, Shlok, will turn into a nightmare from which she has no escape. Shlok would tell her that he had never loved her and had always hated her. And that he married her just so he can torture her through out her life.

Astha, hearing this on her wedding night is shattered and is so broken that she plans to leave Shlok. But then Shlok tells her that she can't leave him and if she does, he will ruin her parents' lives. Though this threat would scare Astha, she does manges to leave Shlok later.

But the latest rumours are saying that Astha would return to Shlok soon after, but would have changed as a person completely. She would not remain the innocent, sweet, happy girl-next-door, but a strong woman with an intention to change the mindset of Shlok and his family towards women.

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