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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon: Sojal Puts Astha In Trouble!

Written by: Vrinda Pillai

In November 7th episode of Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 2, Diwali celebrations start in the Agnihotri house. Astha and Shlok share a romantic moment and Shlok gifts Aastha a diamond necklace. Astha is pleasantly surprised and very happy with the gift. Shlok asks her to remove the black thread around her neck. It is then that she discovers that her pendant with the thread had a photo of Shlok and her which she says is more important than anything else in her life and that she loves him to death. A strange sense of triumph is seen on Shlok's face.

As the evening progresses, Diwali fireworks begin and Astha enjoys it like a little child. To this, Anjali reprimands her for not behaving befitting an Agnihotri daughter-in-law. As she walks away, her saree catches fire and Astha saves her by extinguishing it with water. Surprisingly, Anjali scolds her for that as well. Sojal's mother senses an opportunity to put Astha down and she tells Anjali that Astha is bad luck. Shlok immediately puts her in place and asks her to stay out of it since it is family matter. He also explains to his father about how Astha saved Anjali. Shlok's father thanks Astha and blames Anjali for not taking care of herself.

Shlok shows concern for Astha and not his mother which enrages his mom. Anjali tries to put Astha in trouble by asking her to make puranpolli for aatya and she calls Aastha with aatya's permission. Aastha does not know how to make puranpolli and she asks Suman auntie to help her with the recipe. Astha arrives at the Agnihotri residence and starts working, but gets distracted when Shlok calls. Sojal seizes the opportunity as per Anjali's subtle orders and puts in too much of sugar in the puranpolli mixture and leaves the gas stove on.

 Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

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