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Jodha Akbar: Jalal Realises Mistake, Accepts Jodha's Pavithrata

Jodha Akbar show is at a point where Jodha is suspected to have betrayed Jalal by getting pregnant with someone other than Jalal. Initially, Jalal too believed that Jodha might have betrayed him. But when Salima suggested that there is a possibility that both of them, Jodha and he, might be right too.

Jodha, when fainted in the middle of her birthday celebrations, the doctor who checked her declared she was pregnant. Jodha and Jalal took this result for granted and believed, along with everyone else, that Jodha was indeed pregnant.

Jodha believed that Jalal betrayed her the night she was unconscious. Jalal, on the other hand, was convinced Jodha has betrayed him with another man. But as Jalal came to think about it, he felt he is missing some point. He calls Salima to get some enlightenment. And he does get it.

Salima suggests that Jalal's honesty can't be questioned the same way Jodha's as well. She also suggests that there is a possibility that the doctor who checked Jodha might be mistaken, and says it is not the first time she has made such a mistake too.

Meanwhile, Jodha is shattered, Hamida doubted her righteousness and that too regarding her loyalty to Jalal!

All these doubts will be put to rest by Jalal himself. Let's wait and watch how the truth prevails and proves Jodha honest, like it always does.

Jodha Akbar

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