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Jodha Akbar: Jalal Saved From Jodha's Medicine, But He Wants Her Punished!

Jodha Akbar saw Jalal fighting a tiger with his bare hands, killing it, but hurting himself badly in the process. Jodha, though might have unintentionally caused this, also rectified it with the medicine she made. Jalal gets saved by her medicine, but now wants her punished for her innocence.

Trouble started when Jodha, with an intention to save a poor animal from getting killed by Jalal, would empty the gun powder from his gun and they get attacked by a tiger. Jalal shocked would fight the wild beast with his bare hands and kills it, but not before hurting himself badly in the process.

Jalal, badly injured is in and out of consciousness, would be in the mercy of Jodha's hands to reach home. Jodha, the only soul around to save Jalal, would reach home with great difficulty. Everyone shocked would start treating him first. Hamida then asks Jodha how an animal did this to Jalal when he is an excellent fighter. The reason she gave would shock her.

Rukhia, on the other hand, would not take this issue that easily. She would corner Jodha for the answer and when she tells all this was caused because she tried to save a deer would make her slap her across her face.

This mistake of Jodha would have put everyone in danger, including herself. Hamida even tries to take her away from the palace to keep her safe from any body killing her out of anger for causing this.

In the end, however, Jodha would be the one to save Jalal. She would make a curing medicine for him that she had learnt when this happened to Sujamal. Though the medicine would threaten everyone when Jalal gets a severe fever, it will eventually bring him back to consciousness.

Rukhia, who had planned to kill herself if Jalal leaves them, would be overwhelmed when he comes back to consciousness.

What is interesting now is when Rukhia tells Jalal that she slapped Jodha for putting him in such trouble, he would say this is a small punishment for such a big mistake. Just when we though there was a spark of love between the two, he wants to punish her!

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