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Jodha Akbar - November 7th Written Episode: Jodha To Teach Jalal The Geetha, While Jalal The Quran!

Written by: Vrinda Pillai

Jodha Akbar, the tale continues with Jodha and Akbar trying to get closer to each other. Jalal agrees to teach Jodha 'Quran' and she teaches 'Geetha' in return to him. Rukhaiya retains her jealous stand in the meanwhile.

Jodha meets Hamida. After presenting Jodha with her favourite juice, Hamida tells Jodha that she wants to test her. Jodha looks perplexed. Hamida asks Jodha if she agreed with Jalal's decision in the court. She asks her if she thought it was right or wrong. Jodha says that it was both right and wrong. Right because it was not against dharma or righteousness, and wrong because he did not consider it important to consult anybody on the issue in spite of many elders being present in the court.

Jodha meets Rukaiya Begum, who is jealous of Jodha since she spent the whole night with Jalal. Jodha reminds her that she has been spending plenty of nights with Jalal. Rukaiya is angered by this and says that it was Jodha who hated Jalal and now that she spends all the nights with him, what happened to all that hatred? Jodha replies that since Rukaiya claims herself to be Jalal's favourite begum, it is surprising that she is unaware of what is happening between Jalal and Jodha. Besides, Jodha said there was nothing that happened with Jalal, since he knew his limits and would not cross them. She said that she was not interested in snatching Jalal from anyone.

Jalal asks Jodha to come to the playing area, but Jodha resists since she felt that it was Rukaiya's turn to do so and she explains the same to Jalal. Jalal feigns hurt and says that then she has to sing a song. Though she hesitated at first, she sang the song manmohana beautifully. Jalal says that she is talent queen not just a begum.

Jalal comes to know that his brother-in-law Abul Mali is all set to stack Agra. Jalal said that he expected it and orders Adka Khan to attack him first, to which Adka agrees.

Jodha is reading the Bhagwat Geeta and Jalal comes in looking for a knife that he left behind. Seeing her read the Geeta, he inquires and says that he can teach her the Quran as well. Jodha says that she does not accept anything for free and promises to teach him Shlokas from the Geeta.

It is Jodha's birthday and her friend is excited about it. She wants to spread the news around, but Jodha asks her to keep it a secret. However, Rahim overhears it and spills the beans to Jalal.

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