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Kapil Sharma: Sunil Grover (Gutthi) Is Hurt, I'll Get Him Back To Comedy Nights!

Comedy Nights With Kapil, the show that has become the hot favourite among millions across the world, is facing the loss of one of the important cast member, Gutthi (Sunil Grover). Kapil Sharma, however, has said that he will bring Gutthi back on the show. He said, "Sunil is hurt about something. I'll get him back."

Speaking about the rumour regarding ego clash between them, Kapil said, "I am very fond of Sunil. And he is fond of me. There's no question of an ego clash between us. Something has hurt him. I don't know what it is. But I will get him back on the show."

He also said, "He is an artiste. He is touchy. But I'll be bringing him back. We're speaking every day and we hope to sort out the matter. In fact I'm planning to take him on my shows outside Mumbai. So he would be in a better mood."

When asked what exactly happened? "Choti-choti baatein kabhi chubh jaatin hain (sometimes trivial issues get blown out of proportion). An artiste is so close to God. I am sure Sunil realises that he is an integral part of the show. I feel he will be back. Between us, we've no problem. Mujhe toh unke saath badaa mazaa aata hai. We plan the comedy together."

Comedy Nights With Kapil, hosted by Kapil Sharma, has seen heights so early that the cast and crew seem to have trouble to get used to it. It was pleasing to see them stick together and work extra hard when the sets of the show burned down. They shared the sets of Bigg Boss and together walked through the situation surfacing winners.

After all the struggle and effort it is disheartening to see them split. Gutthi, played by Sunil Grover, became the most favourite character on the show along with Dadi, Palak, Bua, Mrs Bittu and Bittu himself, played by Kapil Sharma.

Meanwhile, here are some funny photos of Comedy Nights With Kapil making rounds in various social media networks.

Kapil Sharma

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