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Kushal Tandon's Eviction From Bigg Boss 7 House Most Romantic, Tragic And Dramatic!

Kushal Tandon's eviction from Bigg Boss 7 house in a mid-week eliminations was done in a most dramatic way possible. It was both tragic and romantic at the same time because of Gauhar Khan. The shock of eliminations early morning Wednesday ended with Kushal getting eliminated due to lesser number of votes gained by him by 10 PM Tuesday.

First, Bigg Boss wakes everyone up at 3:30AM and asks them to assemble in the garden area. And when everyone reach, Bigg Boss announces that the elimination process will take place at the time. Though it was difficult to read any expressions from the sleep-swollen faces, we can assume that it was a shock to everyone.

Gauhar Khan, Kushal Tandon and Ajaz Khan are asked to stand on the platforms in the garden area. Bigg Boss then announced that the first person who is safe at this point of time with highest number of votes is Gauhar Khan. Which left Ajaz Khan and Kushal Tandon still in the danger zone.

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Bigg Boss then tell that the person who got the least number of votes by last night is Kushal Tandon and he will have to leave the Bigg Boss house immediately. Gauhar Khan was at Kushal's side from then on to the point he was out of the main door.

Gauhar Khan gets very emotional and Kushal was seen whispering encouraging words in her ears all the while. Kushal then said adios to Sangram and Andy leaving Armaan, Ajaz and Tanisha deliberately. Armaan had apparently put his hand forward at this point and Kushal ignored, according to Tanisha Mukherjee.

The reason why Kushal ignored Armaan and Tanisha is obvious, but it was a sight when he ignored Ajaz Khan. Though not clear, Kushal's whispers in Gauhar Khan might have included his advice to stay away from Ajaz Khan.

All in all Kushal Tandon's elimination was one of the most dramatic ones this season with all the setting and lighting and water-works. Also, it was one of the most romantic ones, looking at the sight of the love-birds bidding adios.

PS: Now that Kushal Tandon is out, will he be doing for Gauhar what his father did for him every week? Buying votes?

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