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Most Memorable Moments Of Bigg Boss 2013; Armaan, Andy, Gauhar Top List

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Bigg Boss 7 is in the final week and the viewers are sure getting ready for the days without the fights and screaming and love and friendship from the Bigg Boss house. The finale week has reduced the fifteen contestants to top 5 finalists: VJ Andy, Ajaz Khan, Sangram Singh, Tanisha Mukherjee and Gauhar Khan.

The show has managed to make some unforgettable memories. If we look back at the most memorable moments this season, few of the contestants stand out. Armaan Kohli, Gauhar Khan and VJ Andy definitely top this list with their inkling to stay as close to trouble as possible.

Here are some of the memorable moments on the show that will stay in our minds for a long time.

Start Of Andy-Sangram Friendship

The friendship between two of the finalists, Andy and Sangram, on the show is no less special than the love stories of Gauhar-Kushal and Tanisha-Armaan.

The Husband And The Wife

The only married couple on the show, Apurva and Shilpa Agnihotri made quite a cute pair. Remember when Apurva was getting his head shaved and Shilpa was uncontrollable?

The Recent Fight

The recent fight and make up of the BFFs in the house Andy and Sangram was very touching.

Ajaz Dressed To Kill

When Ajaz Khan was dressed as a woman, all those who hate him had a merry time feeling he deserved this after all the fake footage he had burdened them with.

Andy's Hairstyles

Andy and his hairstyles have been as famous as him, this season. The best one was when he sported a mustache.

Talking About Andy...

Talking about Andy, how can we forget the title he gave Pratyusha Banerjee, Thali Ka Bengan!

Ajaz Date Sunny

The boys in the house had their dream come true with Sunny Leone dancing with them. Ajaz was the lucky guy who won a date with her.

Andy Gets Two Wives!

It was definitely entertaining to hear the future of the inmates and when Andy was declared to have two wives in his life. Well, well Andy, score!

Not A Couple But...

Armaan after his elimination has expressed he is uncertain that he is in love with Tanisha, but when he was inside the house, he didn't seem to have any doubts while romancing her!

Friends Now, Not Friends Now

Armaan and Tanisha had the highest number of break ups and patch ups ever seen on national television.

Most Memorable

Definitely one of the most memorable episode was when the loved ones of the contestants were in the house as a surprise.

The Warnings

The number of warnings given to this couple that made it to the dustbin are difficult to count.

Elli Avram's Rajneeti

Elli Avram, Sangram Singh and Kamya in the Rajneeti task were pretty entertaining. Poor Sangram's crown was snatched away without him noticing!

Kushal Tandon And His Wall

Kushal Tandon made the wall he jumped very famous.

Gauhar Khan

Gauhar Khan was helpless when it comes to Kushal Tandon.

Kushal Comes Back

Kushal attacked Andy and was thrown out of the house. But then he came back.

Kushal After His Return

Kushal was sweet to Tanisha and Armaan when he came back. Wonder who spoke to him while he was outside...


The famous re-union that will remain in our memory for a long time to come.

Kushal And Gauhar Budding Love

Kushal and Gauhar Khan's initial days of friendship and budding love was definitely entertaining.

Remember Rajat?

Rajat Sharma, the most depressed person in the house, it was surprising he managed to stay two weeks.

Kushal's Eviction

When Kushal got eliminated in the middle of the night, the love birds' separation was pretty romantic.

Tanisha's Attack

After all the extents, Kushal went through to get Tanisha out of the house, it was justified for her reaction.

Kushal Drinks From Dog's Bowl

Kushal Tandon's accepting the challenge to drink from the dog's bowl was unexpected for both the viewers and the people who set the challenge.

Salman And Madhuri

Salman Khan and Madhuri Dixit's dance and their interaction on the show.

Armaan-Tanisha Re-Union

Armaan and Tanisha get separated and they re-unite soon after.

Sofia Celebrates Her Birthday But...

Sofia celebrated her birthday and she gets eliminated hours later. Good birthday gift.

Many More Memories

These are just a few of the memories the show has formed this season. Will be back with more of them real soon.

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