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Qubool Hai: Asad Says To Hell With Everyone And Hugs Zoya!

Written by: Girija Narayan

Qubool Hai's Asad (Karan Singh Grover), has been tested for patience for quite some time now and he has now declared to hell with everyone and he cares nothing more than Zoya (Surbhi Jyoti), and he hugs her in front of everyone. But the issue might not be that simple. Tanveer, Amrapali Gupta, might have played a role in this scenario.

Farhan's haldi ritual would bring Asad and family to Haseena's house. Also Ayaan and Zoya, the newly wed couple are also invited to the ceremony. This would bring Asad, Zoya and Ayaan together in a place for the first time post the "accidental wedding".

Also, Asad is continued to be blackmailed by Tanveer here as well. Asad would as usual ignore her calls. At this point Haseena would grab all the attention of the people involved. She would ask Zoya to apply haldi to Farhan so his wedding with Nikhat would be as prosperous as Ayaan and herself.

Zoya complies and to complete the ritual she would need some money and when she turns to get some, however, Asad and Ayaan both step forward for her. But since Ayaan is the rightful person Asad takes a step back.

The drama would not end here, when it is time to give gifts, Haseena forces Zoya to drape a shall on Asad. She would do it, of course, with some embarrassment. Asad too is pretty uncomfortable and is seen pretty patient during every step with Haseena and others.

The most crucial part of the episode however, was when Asad runs to Zoya and hugs her in front of every one including Haseena, Ayaan, Dilshad and others.

The reason, though, is still unknown for this sudden change in Asad. Most probably, Tanveer might have threatened to harm Zoya and he might have said to hell with everyone and would protect her by hugging her. Another possibility is that Tanveer might have challanged Asad to hug Zoya.

Either ways, it was pretty good to watch Asad and Zoya together after a long time and not to forget Haseena's reaction to this is worth watching.

PS: Asad, Karan Singh Grover's hairstyle has gone from bad to worse, the writer along with all the Qubool Hai fans are requesting a hair-cut. Or is there a particular reason why the well-groomed actor is keeping his hair long?

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