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Qubool Hai: Asad To Throw Tanveer Out Of His House!

Written by: Girija Narayan

Qubool Hai's Asad-Zoya-love-story is slowly walking towards its happy ending. However slow, the story has been keeping us entertained everyday, here is the latest story update.

After Asad declares he wants to marry Tanveer, everyone including Zoya stay persistent in knowing his reason behind this decision. At last when the truth does come out into the open, Zoya, too, agrees that he should marry her.

Zoya says that she knows by experience what happens with the woman and the child without a father at their side. She insists that he marry her because she knows he is not the kind of person who steps back from his responsibilities. She also says she would loose respect on him if he does that.

Zoya then says she will be leaving to New York very soon, now that she has lost all claim on him. This would hurt Asad even more. Asad, who has been guilt-stricken for what he thinks he has done, knowing that he would not see Zoya anymore makes him even more sorrowful.

Following this, Zoya would try to find her father and would fail, thanks to Razia and Tanveer again. Zoya then packs her bags and is leaving. She then comes across this courier, which has Tanveer's pregnancy related file. This would assure Zoya that Tanveer had been pregnant long before that horrid day, when she was found in bed with Asad.

This would change the situation again, it is obvious that Zoya would not let Asad marry Tanveer knowing he does not have to. Also, since Tanveer had warned Zoya that if she tries to stop her wedding with Asad, she would not get any details about her father. Zoya is now at a place where she has to decide if she would choose to find her father or save her love, Asad from marrying Tanveer and ruining both their lives.

We all know that the latest promos show Asad catching Tanveer red handed trying to set Zoya on fire, while she is doing her Namaaz. The Namaaz after which Zoya had said Asad she would be leaving his house forever.

The latest spoiler photos show that after Asad catches Zoya red handed, he would throw her out of his house immediately. Looks like Tanveer is going to get what she had been deserving from a long time.

But knowing Tanveer, who does not take failure that easily, we can expect her to play her game from outside the house. Let's wait and watch where the story goes. Until then here are the story with pictures and also the latest spoiler photos of Asad showing his anger and throwing Tanveer out of the house.

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