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Qubool Hai: Nikhat's Broken Heart Mends Najma's Love Story But...

Qubool Hai recently has seen a lot of heart touching and heart breaking love stories. When Najma and Imran's love story seems to be getting a happy ending, Nikhat's broken heart is in the process of mending, or so it seems.

When Imran's mother called Nikhat and Najma's family to her house, both the families were unaware of the catastrophe that was brewing behind. At last when Imran declares that he has been in love with Najma forever and he can only love her in his life, the issue some what gets settled.

Though it gets clear that Imran wants to marry only Najma, things gets complicated when Ayaan says that this is unfair and that his sister Nikhat's feelings are being crushed. He even tries to manhandle Imran and Asad would stop him.

Though Nikhat would interfere and supports Najma's love in the end, Ayaan would not be convinvec about all this. He even accuses Asad of being unfair and selfish and the entire family would leave with a sour taste.

Asad, later that day, would go to Ayaan's house. Though he would have sworn that he would never enter that house, he says that his distaste towards his house no way closer to the love he has for his brother. The siblings Asad, Ayaan and Nikhat would talk things out. Nikhat would give full support for Najma and Imran's wedding and also asks Ayaan to promise that he would not stop the wedding. The brothers, Asad and Ayaan, too would settle things easily since the love they have for each other is mutual.

Now that Najma and Imran's wedding is settled, Asad tells the news to his family too. While the entire family is happy, Zoya comes to know about Imran's baby issue. Though she does not ahve the full details, she would come to know that there is some issue being kept secret by Imran.

Looks like Imran and Najma's wedding in fact might be in trouble after all. We will have to wait and watch if Tanveer would reveal the truth or Zoya herself would figure out the whole issue.

For now Nikhat's broken heart is still broken and seems like Najma might join her sooner or later when she finds out her love is the father of Tanveer's child, on Qubool Hai.

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