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Predicting What Qubool Hai Promo Is Trying To Say About Muqaddar Ka Khel!

Written by: Girija Narayan

The latest Qubool Hai promo has left the fans with their vivid imaginations predicting their own versions of what might happen to their favourite couple Asya, Asad (Karan Singh Grover) and Zoya (Surbhi Jyoti) on the show.

The promo goes something like this, Asad would blind fold Zoya in a dark, dream like scenario. Zoya would walk around searching for Asad while Humaira would run past her. Then the villain of our show Tanveer would bump into her and walks away. Zoya then continues to search for Asad, during which she tumbles and falls into someone's arms. Expecting it to be Asad, she opens her eyes to see Ayaan instead of Asad. Asad would then enter the scene with a not so happy face. The promo ends with the people involved, Asad, Zoya, Ayaan, Humaira and Tanveer.

Ok, now that everyone knows what the promo is. Let's get to making predictions.

Asad And Zoya playing hide and seek and being carefree, represents their joyous life. They are happy and not worried about anything other than getting married as soon as possible. Zoya would be smiling with her trust that with Asad around her, she would remain safe.

Humaira running past Zoya can represent their life can meet at some point very soon. Though they don't get involved at the very instant, they are indeed going to get involved in something big very soon.

Tanveer bumps into Zoya. Tanveer, who seems to have given up on getting married to Asad, will soon enter the main show real soon. The villain of the show will interfere into the lives to flip their lives upside down. Tanveer bumping into Zoya can say she is going to do something that will disturb Zoya's equilibrium.

Zoya then falls into Ayaan's arms. This can mean that Zoya might take comfort from Ayaan when Asad might not be available to help her in something. This can also represent their mutual friendship. Many fans have predicted saying Ayaan will get married to Zoya very soon. Knowing Ayaan and Asad's relationship which is quite strong and with their mutual respect for each other, the chances of Ayaan disturbing and interfering in his brother's love life does not seem certain as of now.

And after the dance Ayaan and Humaira did previously, the chances of Ayaan leaving her seems distant. Hence, the chances of it being just a friendship between Ayaan and Zoya with mutual respect seems more certain to happen.

Coming back to the promo, Asad comes back to the scene and looks at Ayaan and Zoya suspiciously. The fans have been predicting that Tanveer is going to poison Asad's mind regarding Ayaan and Zoya's relationship and Asad, in fact, would start doubting them. Though the chances of this happening seems bizarre for now, the situations one can get into can compel a person to doubt the most honest person too.

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