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Qubool Hai: Rajveer Gets A Tight Slap From Zoya, And From Asad...?

Written by: Girija Narayan

Qubool Hai, the show that has kept everyone entertained from the very first episode, is starting a fresh new track in the story line to keep us hooked to their show. The Asad (Karan Singh Grover) and Zoya (Surbhi Jyoti) story has got a new challenge with the entry of the new character Rajveer, and the love track of Ayaan and Humaira too has been getting interesting off late.

When Zoya gets back from the event alone, Asad (Karan Singh Grover) is beyond angry with her for risking her safety this way. They have their first ever fight, much like any normal couple and patch back soon enough. But the issue does not end there. The guy, who had given Zoya the lift home, drops at their door the next day, posing to return her earring that had supposedly dropped in his car.

Zoya, who had not mentioned to Asad that she had got a lift from a stranger, gets into major trouble again. Though she knows Asad is mainly concerned about Zoya's safety, she defends herself to know what she was doing.

What follows this impressed Zoya and convices her that Rajveer is a decent guy after all and Asad is just over reacting. She gets a delivery of a bunch of roses from Rajveer and surprise appearances outside their house, calling repeatedly on her phone and messaging. It looks like she has got the message that he is trouble, but the issue of Rajveer does not end that easily.

The latest spoilers say that Rajveer comes to Najma's engagement too. They say that Rajveer is going to make some advances on Zoya and she would slap him. It is clear that Asad hates the guy, and Zoya, after the roses and missed calls, tries to avoid him. But his presence in Najma's wedding say that he must have sneaked into the ceremony unnoticed.

It is going to be fun watching Asad confronting Rajveer when he comes to know about his advances towards Zoya. Meanwhile, Tanveer is going to target Imran for now. Imran, who is getting engaged to Najma is apparantly going to receive a gift from Tanveer. The gift happens to be a baby doll with initial "T" on it. No body would obviously guess what the "T" is, but Imran would not have any problem guessing what this means and who the gift is from.

Would Tanveer let the engagement happen? Or would she target Imran later? How would Asad find out about Rajveer? What would happen when he finds out he made advances towards Zoya? Can't wait to watch Qubool Hai.

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