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Qubool Hai: Will Zoya let Tanveer marry Asad?

Written by: Girija Narayan

Tanveer prospers another day, while Asad and Zoya stay heartbroken. Asad in particular is devastated thinking he has broken his promise to Zoya. Zoya, on the other hand, is a foot apart from her father and yet is miles away from knowing that.

After Asad walks up to Zoya and says he wants to marry Tanveer, their lives went upside down. Asad, too hurt to look at Zoya leaves the house. Zoya, determined to put an end to Tanveer's tricks confronts her. But Tanveer wins another round using her I-know-about-your-father card.

Zoya desperate to know about her father is at a stage that she has to believe Tanveer actually knows about her father. Tanveer says she will give away the details about her father's existence, provided she gets married to Asad. Zoya is now at a position where she has to choose between her father and her love, Asad.

Asad, on the other hand, is totally devastated. He is in the belief that he has actually committed a sin. He thinks he has got Tanveer pregnant and now has no choice, but to marry her. Grief-stricken that he has broken his promise to Zoya, he is in search of way to deal with this misery. He goes to the one person he knows who has done the same sin he has committed now. His father.

He demands his father to show him a way to live life with this burden. The burden of having broken someone's heart by shattering their dreams, hopes and aspirations. He says he has now proved that he is his son, now that he has broken the promise he has made to a person who loves him. He asks how he manages to live, since he is finding it difficult to erase the sin and escape this feeling that is eating him up alive.

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