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Qubool Hai: Zoya thrown off cliff, will Asad save her in time?

Written by: Girija Narayan

In the show Qubool Hai, the lead character Zoya is again in life threatening situation. Tanveer gets to know that Zoya is alive and aware of Asad's innocence. This gets her desperate to kill Zoya. Will Asad make it on time this time around too to help Zoya? Or will she have to fend for herself?

After Asad and Zoya interact outside the dargah, Zoya realises the actual facts that might have happened between Asad and Tanveer on their wedding day. When she leaves Asad and goes to her hotel room, she over hears someone talking about a medicine that is capable of erasing memories.

This gets her to think about the time when she sees Asad waking up next to Tanveer. She had noticed Asad being in a daze and also very confused about what had happened when he was talking to her. This gets her thinking that Asad might have been drugged the same way and tricked into a staged situation. Also knowing Tanveer and her capabilities, Zoya realises Asad is the innocent who is unfairly treated.

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