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Veer Ki Ardaas Veera: Twist Time-Karan In The Pind, Veera Shocked And Ranveer Angry!


It's the season for twists, turns and shocks and the new shock to arrive is in the serial Veer Ki Ardaas Veera of Star Plus. Veera will be shocked seeing her good friend Karan in the village. What would scare her the most is how would Ranveer react to it.

Veera is back to her village and is seen very happy. But all her happiness would go in vain when she sees her college time best friend Karan coming inside the village. Karan is the same guy who fought with Ranveer in the boys washroom during the graduation time.

With already a fighting introduction that had happened between Ranveer and Karan it would be terrible for Veera to handle her brother at one side and best friend or love to be Karan on the side.

The connection between Baldev and Karan is still not known but Karan will stay at Baldev's house. We wonder what would be the reason behind it. Chaiji will be the only one who would know that Karan is in the village and is Veera's friend.

Veera would be seen pleading to Chaiji to make authentic delicacies for Karan as he loves them and Ratan would not do anything for Veera. Veera will again lie to her brother who has sacrificed his whole life for her.

Veer Ki Ardaas Veera

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