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Aviation Theme For Salman Khan's Bigg Boss 8?

Salman Khan hosted Bigg Boss 8's first teaser is out and it clearly shows that the theme this time is something to do with aviation, what with Salman dressed as a pilot, and Bigg Boss logo being a turbine engine. It is also rumoured that the Bigg Boss house this season will be designed as a huge aircraft.

Salman dressed in an aviator's uniform salutes to the viewers in the 30 second teaser. The teaser ends with an aircraft and Bigg Boss 8 logo, the eye that represents Bigg Boss, is shaped like a turbine engine.

Previously, Bigg Boss 7 had adopted the theme of hell and heaven and Salman had played the double role being the angle and devil. This time, with the show adopting the aviation theme Salman played the role of a pilot in the teaser.

The Bigg Boss house too, previosuly had adopted the theme and was designed as hell and heaven. This time the glass house is said to be designed as a huge aircraft. Though the Hell and Heaven theme was soon removed from the house, only time will tell whether the aircraft theme will click with the viewers or failes to impress.

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