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Awww! Yo Yo Honey Singh Couldn't Shoot India's Raw Star Until His Wife Arrived!

It was an awww moment on India's Raw Star sets when Yo Yo's nerves got to him before his album Desi Kalakar's release, and only his wife was able to calm him down to resume shoot of the reality show.

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Just until now, many speculated that Yo Yo might even be making up stories about being married. Turns out he is, after all, happily married. Yo Yo, who had his album Desi Kalakar releasing was extremely nervous to shoot India's Raw Star the previous day.

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"He was very anxious as a result of which he couldn't shoot. And it resulted in a four-hour delay. Initially, we saw Honey talking continuously to someone over the phone. After some time he just packed his bags and got out of the sets. He was waiting for somebody and only when the person got out of the car, we realised it was his wife. Honey was so nervous that he refused to shoot till she came on the sets!" a source close to the show said.

Only after his wife, Shalini, arrived and calmed him down was Honey able to resume the shoot. He was even seen talking to her often during the shoot to stay composed. He even said, ""Today I have realised that Shalini is very important to me and right about everything. On her birthday (August 14), when I asked her what she wanted as a gift, she said she wanted me to listen to everything that she says. Today I make that promise to her."

Awww! Yo Yo Honey Singh Couldn't Shoot India's Raw Star Until His Wife Arrived!

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