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Are Anandi And Shiv Ready To Adopt A Disabled Child In Balika Vadhu?


Shiv and Anandi from Balika Vadhu are planning to adopt a child. The child they have chosen in the adoption center is a disabled child named Amul. The family of Shiv has still not agreed to the adoption plan. With all the ups and downs happening, are Anandi and Shiv ready to adopt the disabled child?

It was seen that Anandi and Shiv as usual decide to eradicate a social issue from their village and this time the issue is of adopting orphan child. Both Shiv and Anandu decide that instead of having a child of their own, they would try and adopt an orphan child so that the life of the child changes and is secured.

While all the members are almost agreeing to this adoption plan. Shiv's mother Ira and his sister Saanchi are the only ones who are not satisfied by this decision of the couple. Ira, at one hand, will be disappointed that her decisions are never valued in the family, while Saanchi will create a problem for Anandi yet again.

Saanchi brings in a negative viewpoint in front of the member of the adoption center as she will tell them that Shiv and Anandi are not ready for the adoption and the disagreeing factor in the family will affect the child and he might not stay happy in this house.

Anadi will be seen upset with this and she will talk her heart out to Shiv. With the growing differences in the family over the adoption it will be really difficult for them to make this plan successful. Even if they succeed in it they will have to make sure that no harm is caused to the child and he is happily accepted by all the members.

Balika Vadhu

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