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Balika Vadhu: Will Saachi Commit Suicide For Being Deprived Of Justice?


Justice delayed is justice denied and the same might happen with Balika Vadhu's Saachi as well. Saachi, who was brutally raped by her male friend Saurav, is going through a tough time. Will she be proved innocent and given justice or the delayed justice will force her to end her life?

It was seen that Saachi had given up all hopes of getting justice after being mishandled by her friend Saurav whom she trusted blindly. Saachi had gone to a party with Saurav where he conspires to assault her and even makes a video of it.

Sacchi seeks help from her sister-in-law Anandi and discloses all that had happened in front of her. The continuous flashbacks of what happened with her will force Saachi to take in the dirty step of committing suicide.

Parent's love and all the support she has got earlier will restrain Sacchi from doing any such thing. She will be supported by her bhabhi Anandi who will try her best to help Saachi achieve justice.

It will be seen that things will get more difficult as earlier Saachi was accused of putting a bad name on Jagdish. The lawyer, who had fought against her, is no one else but Sacchi's rapist Saurav's elder brother.

Since Saurav belongs to the family of famous advocates, he manages to get bail for sometime. Power rules and is known to all. Will Saurav's power of wealth and fame protect him? Or Anandi and Shiv's continuous struggle to get justice give some ray of hope to Sacchi?

Balika Vadhu

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