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Beintehaa: 10th March, Ayat Caught In Raid, Zain To Save Her!

Beintehaa 10th March written episode: Rocky discusses his plan for Ayat with his associate. He says that he will introduce her into escort service. Ayat hears this and wants to go back to Bhopal. The man threats her with a gun. Rocky tells her that she can earn money only after she allows people to touch her. Ayat sees Suraiya in the party and turns back promptly.

Suraiya also sees her but cannot be sure that it is Ayat. Rocky sends Ayat to a client’s room. Ayat manages to free herself and flees. She collides with Zain in time of running.

Usman asks Mr Chakkiwala about his relation with Raghu Bhai. Chakkiwala says that he has taken the responsibility of catering service in the party. Usman tells him that he should not do business with criminals. Usman talks with Zain and expresses his interest for collaboration in hotel business. Zain manages to escape somehow.

Aaliya notices that Raghu is carrying the key of locker in a string tied to his neck. She starts dancing with Raghu and Zain joins her. Aaliya manages to steal the key and gives it to Zain. Zain finds out Raghu’s chamber and finds the locker too. He rescues the papers of Barkat Royals.

When Zain comes out with the file, he finds police raid in the party. Police shows search warrant to Raghu. Zain finds Aaliya and gives the file in her hand. Just before leaving, he sees Ayat, held by female constables. He tells Aaliya to wait for him outside.


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