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Beintehaa: 11th March, Ayat Exposed By Rocky, Aaliya Unaware!

Beintehaa 11th March written episode: Suddenly power goes in Raghu’s party; Zain manages to take Ayat out holding her mouth so that she cannot shout. Zain calls Fahad and tells him to pick up Aaliya. He tells Aaliya to go with Fahad, as he has some important work.

Ayat tells everything to Zain, starting from her net friendship with Rocky. Zain pacifies her and takes her care. Rocky repeatedly calls in Ayat’s phone. Zain insists that Ayat should pick up the phone. Ayat tells Rocky that she is going back to Bhopal. Rocky blackmails her saying that he will expose her obscene photos on the internet, if she does not agree to stay in Mumbai. He sends some photos to Ayat’s mobile. Ayat understands that she has been photographed, while changing for the photo shoot in Bhopal.

Zain understands that Ayat has stepped into a big trap of escort traders. He promises to help her out. He keeps her in his friend’s flat for the night. Aaliya sees in TV footage that Zain is fleeing with a girl. It is said in the news that ‘the Shaikh is fleeing with an escort girl’; Aaliya cannot understand what happened exactly. Zain avoids her questions.

Shazia and Gauhar become nervous to see the television news. Nafisa tells Shazia that it is she who has informed the police. She hopes that now Shazia will be expelled from the house, after it is revealed that her father is connected to baiting.

Mr Chakkiwala visits Usman’s house. He blackmails Suraiya saying that if he is caught by the police, he will expose Fahad too. He claims money from Suraiya to hide Fahad’s connection with Raghu Bhai. Suraiya becomes extremely puzzled and nervous.


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