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Beintehaa: 12th June; Suraiya Slaps Zubair, Expels Him But Zain Stands Up For Aaliya (Pics)

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Beintehaa 12th June written episode: Aaliya hears Shazia’s phone conversation. She tells her friend that Aaliya is a fool who has exposed Bobby. Shazia now misses the amount of two lakhs which Bobby used to give her as a bribe every week.

Aaliya warns Shazia that if she does not change her attitude, she will tell everything to Fahad. Shazia sees Aaliya’s friendship with Zubair and thinks that she will exploit this relation, to teach Aaliya a lesson.

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Usman and Suraiya see Zubbu and Aaliya in a playful mood. Suraiya misunderstands them. She slaps Zubbu and tells him to promptly leave the house. Utterly shocked, hurt and shattered, Zubbu leaves the house without saying a single word.

Usman informs the matter to Zain. He comes back home and takes Aaliya to the hall, in front of Usman and Suraiya. Zain tells Suraiya that he doubted Aaliya in the past, but it was his mistake. He was not able to understand the chemistry between cousins, as he was not brought up in a big family. Zain confidently says that Aaliya loves him only.

Usman stops Suraiya who is about to leave the hall. He insists that she should redress her mistake and misbehavior. Zain says that he will apologize to Aaliya on behalf of Suraiya and he actually does so.

Usman counsels Suraiya that Aaliya is a good human being and he took a right decision in marrying Zain off to her. Suraiya cannot be at peace. When she browses books in the drawing room, Shazia comes and taunts her defeat. Suraiya becomes more disturbed.

Suraiya And Usman

Zubbu and Aaliya would trip on a carpet and fall on the bed just when Usman and Suraiya would pass by.

Suraiya Slaps Zubbu

Suraiya would slap Zubbu and ask him to leave the house immediately.

Zubbu Leaves

Zubbu would leave without saying a word.

Zain Informed

Usman would call Zain and inform him about what has happened at home.

Zain Finds Aaliya Hurt

Zain finds Aaliya hurt at home.

Zain Stands Up For Aaliya

Zain would stand up for Aaliya and Zubbu's defense.

Zain's Opimion

Zain would inform Suraiya that he too had misinterpreted Aaliya and Zubbu's relationship and made a mistake.

Zain Says Aaliya loves Only Him

Zain confidently say to his mother that even if Aaliya is close to anybody she loves only him.

Usman Asks Suraiya To Apologise

Usman would suggest Suraiya apologise to Aaliya.

Aaliya Says No To Zain

Aaliya would say it is not needed to Zain.

Zain Apologises Instead

Zain would apologise instead of his mother to Aaliya.

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