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Beintehaa: 13th March, Zain And Rocky's Ugly Spat!

Beintehaa 13th March written episode: Aaliya keeps asking Zain about the girl, whom she has seen in the TV footage. Zain tells her that she is a girl from a sober family and has been tricked into prostitution; so, Zain is helping her out.

At night Rocky calls Aayat and tells her that he knows her location. Aayat becomes horrified and calls Zain. Zain promptly comes to Aayat. Rocky again calls Ayat and tells her that he is standing right in front of the building, where Ayat is spending the night.

Zain finds that Rocky is tracing Ayat as her phone’s tracker is activated. Zain deactivates the tracker. Zain receives Rocky’s call in Ayat’s phone. He introduces himself as Ayat’s brother. Rocky repeats his threat of exposing Ayat’s photo online. Zain threats him back and warns him to stop his criminal activities against Ayat.

Shazia calls Mr Chakkiwala and tells that Zain and Aaliya have used a trick to rescue the papers of Barkat Royal. Chakkiwala understands that the Shaikh couple was none other than Zain and Aaliya. Shazia appeals to Fahad to help her father. Fahad refuses her saying that her father is a big cheater and blackmailer.

Ayat becomes nervous to see Aaliya’s call in her phone. She receives the call and talks normally with Aaliya, when she asks about her excursion. Aaliya calls Zain’s friend Kartar to know whether Zain is with him. Kartar asks her whether she is feeling comfortable in his flat. Aaliya understands that Zain has gone to Kartar’s flat with some woman. Aaliya asks him the address of the flat with an excuse of ordering food from restaurant. She notes down the address.


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