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Beintehaa: 18th June; Zubair Is Doubted Responsible For The Accident (Pics)

Beintehaa 18th June written episode: Zain meets Usman before leaving for the office. He informs Usman about all the details of the meeting Fahad and he are going to attend. While he remains strong, Fahad finds it tough to hold his composure seeing Usman in a paralyzed state. Police investigation starts at the hotel. Zain reprimands the employees who look after the elevator. They are interrogated one by one.

Suraiya calls the family of Aaliya to the hall and tells them that she cannot tolerate them for a single moment. She tells Shabana that her daughter is responsible for Usman’s accident.

Zain comforts Aaliya who comes to her room and cries. Ghulam tries to tell Suraiya that it was a mere coincidence; Aaliya can never harm Usman intentionally. Suraiya becomes more stubborn.

She does not stop here. She tells Zubair’s mother that her son was expelled from the house after she caught him romancing with Aaliya. Before the shock is over, police comes to the house with the investigation reports.

Police says that it was not an accident, but someone planned it before. The inspector shows a men’s watch that was found in the spot. Shazia says that she has seen the watch on Zubair’s hand.

The inspector shows CCTV footage where Zubair is seen around the lift. He claims that the evidences go against him, but the motive is not clear. Zubair helplessly appeals to everyone, to make them believe that he was not responsible for the accident, though the watch belongs to him and he was seen around the lift.

Suraiya claims that Zubbu has done this to avenge his insult by Suraiya. She tells the officer to arrest him!

Beintehaa: 18th June; Zubair Is Doubted Responsible For The Accident

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