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Beintehaa: 18th March, Zain Meets With An Accident!

Beintehaa 18th March written episode: Zain wants to give the coloured clothes to the laundry. Aaliya accompanies him. When Aaliya goes to the laundry, Zain sees that she has left one piece of cloth inside the car. He gets down from car with the cloth and goes towards the laundry. Rocky comes with his car and hits Zain. Rocky leaves the place with a wicked smile on his face. Aaliya sees his expression that raises doubts in her mind.

Aaliya rushes to Zain and finds that he is not seriously injured. She informs Usman and tells him to call the doctor. She takes Zain back home, driving the car herself. Being insisted by Aaliya, Usman calls the Police.

She doubts that it was a planned attack on Zain. She says that after the accident, the driver was looking back to see whether he has been able to hit Zain properly. Aaliya thinks that if her assumption is true, then the person can attack Zain again. She vows to find out the culprit.

A new story starts inside the Abdullah house. Rizwan starts flirting with Gauhar, who responses readily. Nafisa tells him that within a few days the girl should be mad in his love. Suraiya prepares soup for Zain with a lot of care.

She confidently tells Chand Biwi that Zain eats soup only from her hand. When she takes the soup to Zain’s room, she sees Aaliya giving soup to Zain. The site pains her.


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