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Beintehaa: 27th February, Aaliya Sells Her Jewelery To Save Fahad!

Beintehaa 27th February written episode: When Zain is about to start his car to follow Aaliya, Shazia wants him to drop her at the market. Shazia and Aaliya go to the same market. In the market, Shazia finds that Aaliya is selling her ornaments, which was given by the Abdullah family. She becomes impatient to give the news to Suraiya, but she is not able to reach her.

Aaliya sells the ornaments and carries the money in her bag. She gives the bag to Fahad. Zain sees Aaliya giving the bag to a person, but he cannot see Fahad’s face. Zain calls in Aaliya’s phone and Aaliya understands that Zain is following him. Coming back to home, Zain interrogates Aaliya. Aaliya asks why he is being so possessive about her when he does not love her. The question puzzles Zain.

Ayat visits the shooting spot with her friend. Her friend alerts her about the bad consequences of trusting some unknown or half-known person. Ayat tells her that she is only taking a chance, as her parents are in a big trouble; if she finds anything wrong in the job, she will take no time in leaving it.

When Ayat sees a girl trying short skirts and other bold dresses, he thinks that this is not her cup of tea. When Shabana calls her, she says that she is in the market. Shabana forbids her to be a spendthrift. Ayat becomes more nervous after talking with her mother and she is about to leave the place. The boy calls her; he gives her some modest Indian outfits and she becomes relaxed. He asks about her father’s health and says that it is the duty of the children, to look after their parents when they grow older.


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