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Beintehaa: 27th May; Zain Misses Aaliya, Flies To Bhopal To Bring Her Back (Pics)

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Beintehaa 27th May written episode: Zain and Aaliya hide the matter of confrontation from each other’s parents. They behave like a mature couple, who do not want to involve family in their personal problem. Zain tells Shabana that Aaliya has gone to Bhopal to attend a Muslim festival. Aaliya understands that he must have checked her schedule, as he has no idea about the religious events.

Aaliya tells Usman that she has visited Bhopal to take her certificates. Usman understands Zain’s loneliness in the absence of Aaliya. He insists Zain into going to Bhopal.

Zain tries enjoying cricket match, but sees Aaliya everywhere. Zubbu’s presence irritates him more. Aaliya wears Zain’s shirt which she has taken with her by mistake. She also sees Zain around her and quarrels.

Aaliya becomes impatient for Zain’s call. Her restlessness is easily noticed by her cousins. She sees Zain in the courtyard. Is it again her hallucination, or Zain has truly come to see her ?

A new chapter unfolds in the Abdullah family. Shazia meets her father who is serving food in a film shooting. She meets an old friend who is working as a dancer. She shows her family photos to her.

The girl identifies Barkat as Bobby, who was a dancer like her. She tells Shazia how the girl has cheated a lot of people and has gone behind the bars several times.

Shazia gets a new pawn. She tells Bobby that she has got all the information about her, and demands an amount of two lakhs per week, to hide it from Usman and Suraiya!

Zain Informs Aaliya's Parents

Zain would have informed Aaliya's parents that she came to Bhopal to attend a festival.

Aaliya Would Have Informed Zain's Parents

Aaliya would have informed Zain's parents that she has gone to Bhopal to collect her degree certificates.

Zain Imagines Aaliya's Presence

Zain, though among the guys would imagine Aaliya's presence around him.

Aaliya Too

Aaliya too would see Zain around her.

Aaliya Reminiscing

Aaliya would get reminiscing their happy times.

Zain Feels Lonely

Zain would start feeling lonely without Aaliya.

Ticket To Bhopal

Zain's father would give him a ticket to Bhopal. He says he has the whole night to decide whether he wants to go or not.

Zain Flies To Bhopal

Zain would decide to fly to Bhopal to bring Aaliya back.

Zain And Aaliya

Aaliya and Zain both feel that the other one has not missed them.

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