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Beintehaa: 28th February, Zain Gets Possessive About Aaliya!

Beintehaa 28th February written episode: Ayat feels nervous on the first day of her photo shoot. The boy makes her feel comfortable and she brilliantly poses in front of the shutterbugs. After the shoot is over, he gives her twenty five thousand bucks. Before leaving Bhopal, the guy makes Ayat dream about Mumbai where she can get one lakh for each photo shoot. Ayat thinks that she will do some more work and help her father to solve the matter of their house.

Shabana becomes worried as she cannot reach Ayat on phone. Ayat gives the money to Shabana and again gives false explanations. She tells her that she made a list of Aaliya's students, whose tuition fees were due; she visited their houses one by one and collected the money. Shabana thanks her saying that this money was truly needed.

Fahad meets Mr Chakkiwala and gives the money. When he requests him to call the Mafia, Chakkiwala calls him and says that his number is switched off. He insists that Fahad can leave the money to him, 'if he has trust on him'. Fahad does so thinking that there is no reason to doubt him as he is his father-in-law.

Zain keeps inquiring about Aaliya's affair and fights with her. He even goes to the extent of checking her phone. Shazia informs Suraiya what she has seen in the jewellery shop. Suaiya calls Aaliya to the drawing room in front of their family jeweller and insists that Aaliya should bring her ornaments and polish them. Aaliya starts fumbling.


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