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Beintehaa: 28th May; Zain Feels The Importance Of Love; Aaliya Goes Missing! (Pics)

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Beintehaa 28th May written episode: After Zain reaches Bhopal, the family members understand that there is some problem between Aaliya and him. But both Zain and Aaliya refuse to share the problem with family. They insist on solving the problem by themselves. Zain meets Zubbu’s mother who says that Zubbu is expert in solving any type of problem! She has no idea that Zubbu is the cause of problem here!

Zain goes out with car to have some fresh air. He meets Peter, who is going to meet his wife with a bunch of heart-shaped red balloons. Peter describes his love for his wife. Zain sees him going to the graveyard. He becomes curious and follows him.

Zain sees Peter sitting beside a gravestone and offering the balloons. The person describes how he used to fight with his wife. One day they had a fight and right after that she died in an accident. Now he regrets that he has never properly expressed his love for her.

Peter tells Zain to express his heart to his wifey, as life is very uncertain and it gives little chances to celebrate good moments. Zain rushes back to home and remembers all the moments when he has failed to express his love.

Zain gets a shocking news at home. He comes to know that there is curfew in the city and Aaliya is not present at home. Her cousin says that she has gone for a cycle ride in the fresh air. Zain fails to connect to her mobile. Ghulam stops Zain from stepping out as he is not accustomed to the lanes of Bhopal. The cousins go in search of Aaliya.

Zain Drops In At Aaliya's House

Zain drops in at Aaliya's house. He thinks Aaliya is fit and fine at her parents place.

Aaliya Surprised

Aaliya would be surprised to see Zain at her house.

Aaliya Says...

Aaliya says that she would have returned in a couple of days there was no need for him to drop by.

Zain Replies

Zain replies saying that he did not want to come but was forced by his father to do it.

Back To Their Marriage

And when Aaliya says no body can make Zain do something he does not want to do. He would reply curtly that his dad did. At the same place for their wedding.

Zain Misunderstands

Zain again misunderstands Aaliya that she wanted to have a panchayat to solve their issue.

Zain Goes For A Drive

Zain says he is feeling suffocated and leaves for a drive. Where he meets a strange man in love with his wife.

Zain Realises The Value Of Love

Zain then realises the value of love when the man explains how he lost his wife due to his childish anger.

Zain Returns

Zain returns home to find that there is a curfew and Aaliya is not at home.

Zain Worried

Realising Aaliya has been gone for a long while, he gets worried about her.

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