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Beintehaa: Zain Says 'Talaaq', Divorces Aaliya At Usman's Cremation! (4th August-Photos)

Beintehaa 4th August written episode: When Suraiya changes into a black saree, which is the sign of grief, her sons find it tough to bear. Suraiya says that she is punishing herself. She regrets that she could not be with Usman when he needed her the most.

Zain, Fahad and other men leave the house with Usman's coffin. Suraiya gives a tough gaze at Aaliya. She blames her for Usman's death and avoids taking any consolation from her parents.

Aaliya comes to the cremation ground with her father, against the law of the Islam. The Maulavi stops her and opposes to this, as women are not allowed to enter the cremation ground.

Aaliya says that no one can ignore her feeling for her uncle. She thinks God will forgive her for breaking the rules. She watches Zain and Fahad putting soil on Usman's grave, getting drenched in heavy downpour.

Zain rudely tells the Maulavi that he does not want any disturbance in his father's cremation. Aaliya is hurt. She takes some soil in her hand and is about to leave the cremation ground.

Zain stops Aaliya and calls her back. He says that he will give her Talaaq, as the Maulavi is present and other witnesses are there. Aaliya is shocked. Zain truly starts uttering Talaaq.

When Zain says ‘Talaaq' for a second time, Aaliya covers his mouth with her hand. She requests Zain not to finish the relationship so easily. Zain holds her hand tightly and removes it from his mouth. He utters the word Talaaq for the final turn!

Beintehaa: Zain Gives Talaq To Aaliya In Usman's Cremation

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