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Beintehaa: 4th March, Zain-Aaliya Unite To Save Fahad And Their House!

Beintehaa 4th March written episode: Zain produces the ornaments in front of Usman and says that he took them to keep in the bank locker, as the wardrobe locker is not working and Aaliya was tensed about the jewelry. Usman becomes happy to see that whenever Aaliya is in problem, Zain stands by her. He assures Rukaiya that they will be in love with each other someday.

Suraiya accuses Shazia of giving wrong information to her. Shazia swears that it was Aaliya who sold the ornaments in the gold shop. Shazia and Nafisa tell Suraiya that Zain is protecting Aaliya. Suraiya cannot understand why on earth Zain is doing so and wherefrom he managed the money to recover the jewelry.

When Aaliya finds it tough to believe that Zain has saved her, Zain takes her to their room to show the reason. She discovers Fahad there, who has told everything to Zain. Now they come to know that the Don has seized the papers of Barkat Royals, as Fahad has not been able to return his money. They become united to recover the papers. Fahad gets a call and comes to know that the Don has called him to his place. Zain and Aaliya decide to accompany him.

The moneylender visits Ghulam’s house and tells Ayat that her father has thirty five days more to either pay back his money, or vacate the house. Ayat thinks that she must help her father. She calls Rocky and discusses about working in Mumbai. Shabana becomes doubtful on her when she makes the phone call. Rocky assures her that she will earn three lakhs per month, if she comes to Mumbai for modelling.


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