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Beintehaa: 6th March, Zain-Aaliya Attend Don's Party Under Disguise!

Beintehaa 6th March written episode: Suraiya asks Fahad about the goons who came to office to meet him. Fahad tells her that he has to entertain all types of people, to run a business successfully. Suraiya trusts him. Police stop Zain’s car as they are searching cars after an incident of kidnapping. The inspector finds Aaliya in the car dicky.

Aaliya avenges the apparel shop incident. She denies being Zain’s wife and is about to leave. Zain calls her from the back and she comes back. She tells the inspector that she is his wife. The inspector rebukes Zain for keeping her in the car dicky.

Rocky takes Ayat to his friend’s place. Shabana calls Ayat and reminds her that she has to take care of herself. Ayat feels uncomfortable in the short dresses and high heel shoes which Rocky gives her. Rocky grooms her and teaches her ramp-walk. Later Rocky tells her that the modeling agency has given the assignment to some senior model. Ayat does not blame Rocky and she wants to go back to Bhopal. Rocky insists that she should do something and earn 3-4 lakhs before going back to Bhopal.

Shazia and Gauhar forbid their father to attend Raghu Bhai’s party. They think if anyone takes his photo, he will be exposed to Usman. Mr Chakkiwala assures them that no one will take his photo as he is not an eminent person. Nafisa hears their conversation and informs Police that they can find the baiting criminals in the party.

Zain and Aaliya attend the Don’s party, under disguise. At the gate, when the security personnel ask for their identity, they pose as Usman and Suraiya Abdullah.

They do not notice that Usman and Suraiya are just behind them, a few steps away!


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