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Beintehaa: 9th June; Suraiya Believes Bobby Is Barkat; Aaliya Now Targeted! (Pics)

Beintehaa 9th June written episode: Zain stops Bobby’s drama of being Barkat. He tells Usman and Suraiya that the girl is not Barkat. He presents all the evidences and tries to prove that the girl is Bobby, the only daughter of Mir Khan. Suraiya refuses to believe the evidences and claims that the girl is her daughter Barkat.

Zain loudly utters that Barkat has died and he himself has visited her grave. After watching the scene Usman completely believes Zain and tells Fahad to banish the fraud from his house. When Zain and Fahad drag Bobby and expel, she gives a tough stare on Aaliya, that shows a promise of revenge!

When Aaliya feels bad seeing Suraiya’s condition, Zian consoles her saying that she has actually saved the family. Suraiya refuses outright to accept the facts. Zain tells her that she loved Bobby like her own daughter, but the girl never deserved it and she has always taken the opportunity of her weakness.

Aaliya suggests that there should be a Quran Khani, for the peace of Barkat’s soul. Suraiya refuses attending it as she never believes that Barkat has died. Zain and Usman support Aaliya.

When the family participates in the Quran Khani, Suraiya meets Bobby in a restaurant, as she has got a message from Bobby in which Bobby has mentioned that she has some secret to share.

Bobby tells Suraiya that Aaliya has become angry with her as she tried to be close with Zubair. She tells Suraiya that Aaliya is having an illegitimate affair with Zubbu and is cheating Zain!

How would Aaliya fight this new hazard?

Beintehaa: 9th June; Suraiya Believes Bobby Is Barkat; Aaliya Now Targeted!

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