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Beintehaa: 23rd May; Zain And Aaliya Become Distant From Each Other (Pics)

Beintehaa 23rd May written episode: Misunderstanding continues between Zain and Aaliya. Zubbu wants Aaliya to dance with Zain. When he takes her to the dance zone, Zain sees them together and becomes jealous. He quickly takes two girls with him. When Aaliya sees Zain with the girls, she remembers Abhilasha’s words that modern boys often confuse love with flirting. She starts dancing with Zubbu.

Zain holds Aaliya tightly and asks her what is going on in her mind. Aaliya tells him to leave her as it pains. Zain says that he truly wants to leave her as she is cheating him. Aaliya becomes shocked.

As Zain’s tight grip pains Aaliya she struggles to free herself. Zain asks her whether she wants to say anything. She only tells him to leave her. Zain pushes her and says that he has ‘left her’. Zain goes to the drink counter and keeps drinking non- stop. Barkat enjoys Zain’s suffering and pretends being concerned for him.

Zubbu comes to Aaliya and sees her upset. Aaliya tells him that she cannot understand Zain. At some moments he becomes extremely caring and sometimes extremely ignorant. He still behaves like an immature boy, complains Aaliya.

Zubbu tells her that the marriage was a deal, so she must give some time to develop a healthy relationship. And each person is different, so she should not compare Zain with others, suggests Zubbu. Zain comes and sees them together again. He misbehaves with Zubbu.

Zubbu leaves the place telling Zain that alcohol is destructive and he should never have alcohol when he is with his wife. Zain comes to Aaliya with red eyes and asks her whether she wants to go home with him. Aaliya says that she will go with him. Zain again holds her hand tightly.


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