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Beintehaa: Zain Protects Aaliya, Kick Starts The Much Awaited Love Story!


Finally!! Here is the start to the much awaited love story of Beintehaa between Zain and Aaliya. Zain will be seen protecting Aaliya in difficult situations and falling head over heels for her.

It was seen that Aaliya was trying her best to protect Fahad and help him quit gambling. She will sell her jewellery and all the money she gets will go to Fahad who now can give the amount to the goons.

Aaliya will hide her face and go to some secluded place to give all the money to Fahad who has been eagerly waiting for it. Zain will follow her and will be quite inquisitive to know who the person is. Shazia will find out that Aaliya has sold all the jewellery given to her on the day of the marriage by Zain's family.

Suraiya will come to know that Aaliya has sold all the jewellery given to her and to create more chaos she will call the jeweller and insult Aaliya more. Now comes the twist in the story.

Zain, who oversees the entire thing about Suraiya misbehaving with Aaliya will try finding out the truth behind Aaliya selling her precious jewellery. Zain will come home with all the jewels in his hand. This way, Zain will save Aaliya, and will also understand why she kept silent and never revealed the truth about Fahad's betting scandal.

Zain will save Aaliya from being insulted by his mother, but don't you think there is something much fishy here. Aaliya's constant ignorance is slowly pulling Zain towards her who has now started becoming even more possessive about her.

With all these growing closeness between Aaliya and Zain, it is sure that viewers will now finally see the budding love story between the lead characters of the serial.


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