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Big Brother Copies Bigg Boss 7's 'Remote Control' Task!


This season of Celebrity Big Brother has grabbed in much more attention than any of the season for being the most sensual and critically acclaimed one. But what came in news was much more interesting. The Big Brother Show had landed up copying the 'remote control' task of India's Bigg Boss 7.

It is known to all that Bigg Boss is an Indian concept of the very famous Big Brother and all the ideas are eventually related to the American show. But this time, there was a twist in the tale when Big Brother copied the tasks of the Bigg Boss.

Remember the Remote Control task in Bigg Boss where all the inmates had to do according to the wishes of Bigg Boss. They had to pause, play, rewind and fast forward all the things they were doing. This task certainly was the task where there was an emotional outburst seen among the house mates when VJ Andy's mother had come and hugged all the contestants and Gauhar Khan was into tears after seeing her sister.

This season of Big Brother is considered as the most dirtiest and pervert season, but the episode of the remote control task brought hell lot of changes in the scenario. Under the task, the contestants had to be still in whichever position they were for sometime.

Sam Faier's mother played the same role like that of Andy's mother and met all the inmates and blessed them for the coming finale. And like Gauhar's emotional outburst after seeing her sister Nigaar was exactly copied by Ollie when he saw his mother and sister around him.

Looks like the Indian TV shows are giving tough competition to the ones abroad and their raising standards is forcing the shows abroad to copy stuffs from the Indian concepts.

Bigg Boss 7

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