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Clothes Were Never My Interest: Parineeti Chopra On Look Who's Talking!

Parineeti Chopra who has always been open about her life got talking about her life prior to films. The Daawat E Ishq actress spoke about her weight issues, lack of interest in cloths and more on Niranjan Iyer's show, Look Who's Talking.

Parineeti who has been forthcoming in talking about her being heavy before entering films says she has never really been interested in wearing good clothes because of her weight. Now since she is an established actress she has no choice but to look good to impress the audience.

Clothes Were Never My Interest: Parineeti Chopra On Look Who's Talking!

"Clothes were never of my interest. I have also been an obese person. I was very big when I came back from London. So it was nothing used to fit me so it didn't matter whatever. I had just three black shirts because black makes you look thin, so I would wear it. It was never my interest," Parineeti said.

Foodie at heart, Parineeti confesses that she is not as good looking as an actress shoulf be but she tries hard to look good. "I am not an insecure person at heart. But I am aware that I am not as good looking as an actress should be. And I am not talking about my weight. My weight can go if I work hard at it. I am talking about my face, or just my personality, my body, my body language actually. I don't think I have looked stunning or I look stunning till I work hard at it and I am working hard at it. I want to look my best. And it's not that I want to wear a bikini and show off my body but I just want to see myself and say ‘oh my god, you are looking really good'," she said.

Talking about her love life, however, Parineeti saud that she loves being alone but she wants a boyfriend and hopes she falls for someone really soon.

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