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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 2: 19th March, Shlok Possessive About Aastha!

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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 2, 19th March written episode: Astha completely loses control over herself under the effect of Bhang. She says that she will leave the house, as Shlok hates her. She totters through the stairs. Aditi takes a chance of harming Astha. She puts her foot in Astha’s way and creates an obstacle. Astha stumbles and falls; but luckily Anjali comes and holds her. She sends Astha to her room with Rani.

Anjali stands outside the bedroom at night and punishes herself for the Bhang episode, to earn Niranjan’s faith. She reprimands and warns Sojal as she comes to know that Sojal took the Bhang Thandai intentionally. Varad comes back from his office tour. Sojal gets a hair clip inside his clothes and becomes doubtful. Varad tells her that it is a petty incident.

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 2

Anjali calls Abhay and invites them. Abhay thinks that Niranjan will give some property to his would be grandson. Abhay instructs Jyoti to ask for more gifts from her parents. Jyoti thinks that this time also she can lose the chance of talking to Astha. She writes a letter to Astha.

Aditi talks with someone over phone; she discusses over some critical matter and says that it is a question of someone’s life or death. Astha hears the conversation. She aks Aditi whether she is in some trouble. Aditi cleverly manages the situation. She says that she was talking about her pet dog, who is being looked after by her servant in her absence. Astha believes her innocently.

Shlok thinks over the chapters of the fire and the poisonous colour. He thinks that Astha’s pallu can catch fire accidentally; but the colour must be intentionally poisoned by someone. He tries to find out the intention of the culprit.

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