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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 2: 23rd May; Astha Plans To Break Tradition, Make Anjali Do Puja!(Pics)

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 2, 23rd May written episode: Siddarth tells Ajju that he met Jyoti and felt that she is not well with her parents. He feels quite disturbed about the fact. His concern for Jyoti raises doubt in Ajju's mind. She asks Sid whether he loves Jyoti. Sid admits that it is true. Ajju makes him promise that he will take no hurried step, that can harm Jyoti.

Sid remembers Jyoti's cravings and decides that he will give her all what she wanted. At night he brings chat and coolfi for her and enters her room through the window. Seeing him, Jyoti starts shouting and tells him to leave fast.

Sid tells her that he wants to see her eating all the food. Jyoti starts having the kulfi and laughs. Sojal hears the sound of laughing and comes to the room. Sid quickly hides under the bed with the kulfi. Sojal becomes surprised as she finds nothing in the room. After she goes, Sid leaves the room through the window again.

Sojal comes to Jyoti and gives her a foot massage. She opines that Anjali should have done all these things for her daughter. She tells Jyoti that Shlok was about to expel Anjali. Varad rebukes Sojal for gossiping about such a sensitive issue.

Shlok comes to Niranjan and apologizes for losing his temper. Niranjan tells him that it was quite normal, when he himself was ‘about to' beat up Anjali. Shlok tells him that he will never let Jyoti go back to Abhay. Niranjan becomes stiff and agrees with him. Astha finds that Shlok is much upset with the issues and regrets that she cannot share the truth with him.

Vinayak comes to Anjali and tells her that she should stop torturing people being forced by Niranjan. He tells her to sit for the puja, that is supposed to be done by Niranjan. If a woman invites the God to the house, it is good for the family, opines Vinayak. Anjali rubbishes his proposal and says that like every year Niranjan will do the puja.

Astha overhears their conversation and calls Vinayak. She tells him that this year she will make Anjali sit for the puja. She shares her plan with Vinayak. He agrees to help her.

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