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Jodha Akbar: 10th April; Jalal Guilt-Stricken, Leaves To Find Jodha No Matter What!

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Jodha Akbar 10th April written episode: Akbar cries in front of Jodha’s portrait. He says that he easily loses temper, but Jodha should have controlled him. Moreover, her constant lies gave birth to the doubts in his minds. On the other hand, Jodha feels hurt to think that Akbar misinterpreted her silence and made his own meanings of it.

Hamida reprimands Akbar for doubting Jodha’s character. She says that Jodha has taken the right decision by leaving the palace. No woman should tolerate such insult, says Hamida. Akbar feels more shattered as his mother goes against him. He appeals for her mercy. Hamida replies that as per Akbar’s rule, he should first apologize to Jodha. And she will forgive him only after he brings Jodha back.

Rukaiya insists that Akbar should not be so emotional about Jodha. Salima Begum understands that Akbar truly loves Jodha and so he is so heartbroken. She recommends that Akbar himself should go to bring Jodha back to the palace. Rukaiya says that Jodha herself has left the palace, so Akbar should not take her back. Salima argues that this is not a time of showing anger and revenge, but a time of showing love.

Akbar follows the suggestion of Salima Begum. He goes in search of Jodha and promises to bring her back. Jawida follows Maha Manga at night and sees her going inside the jungle. Maha manga knocks on a door and goes inside a fort.

Jodha on the other hand is spending her days in a temple.

Jalal Talks To Jodha

Jalal guilt-stricken talks to Jodha's portrait about his feelings. He says she should have stopped him from hurting her at some point of time.

Jalal's Hurt

Jalal says he hurt the one person he loves and that instead of letting him hurt her so, Jodha should have fought with him. He says she has fought for so many until now and she should have fought for herself.

Jalal's Mother

Jalal's mother too will be angry with him. She says he has not only sent his wife away but a daughter and a mother. She says she would never forgive him for hurting her daughter so. She says she will forgive him only when he gets Jodha's forgiveness and when he brings her back.

Jalal Ashamed

Jalal would feel ashamed of himself for doubting a wife like Jodha. His mother then takes away Jodha's portrait from him too.

Jalal Hurting

Jalal would be hurting thinking about the hurt he has conflicted on Jodha.

Rukhaiya's Opinion

Rukhaiya feels that it is not Jalal's place to hurt for someone who has chosen to leave him.

Salima's Advice

Salima on the other hand says Jalal that she cannot solve this matter for him and that what damage he has caused needs to be corrected by himself.

Jalal Decides To Find Jodha

When Salima Begun says he has to mend the wounds he has inflicted upon Jodha, he decides to leave and find her on his own.

Jodha ALone And Hurting Too

Jodha would be spending her time alone and unnoticed by anybody. She would still be feeling the hurt Jalal caused to her.

Maha Manga

Maha Manga who is worried that if Jodha and Jalal get back together this time, they will never get separated. She leaves to the hidden cave.

Maha Manga Followed

Maha Manga would be unaware that her daughter-in-law will be following her.

Jalal Leaves

Jalal hands over his duties to concerned people and leaves his palace to find Jodha.

Bids Adios

Jalal bids adios to everyone. Everyone acknowledges it but his mother who is still angry with him.

Jodha In Temple

Jodha would be spending her time in temples.

Jalal Leaves

Jalal leaves to find his wife, even if it means searching all corners of his kingdom.

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