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Jodha Akbar: Rukaiya Compelled To Stay Away From Hussain

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Jodha Akbar 10th October written episode: Zeenat is distracted by Akbar while giving poison to Hussain. He takes the child with him and goes to Jodha. Jodha becomes excited and takes Hussain in her arms. Akbar becomes relaxed seeing her happiness. But they are interrupted by Rukaiya soon. Rukaiya almost snatches the child from Jodha.

Zeenat becomes worried seeing that the false finger in which she took the poison, is lost. The finger goes with Hussain when Akbar takes him. It falls in the garden. Zeenat desperately searches for it, but fails to find it. Rukaiya becomes even more alert and does not allow Zeenat take Hussain away from her sight. Zeenat adds some medicine to Rukaiya’s drink.

Jodha Akbar: Rukaiya Compelled To Stay Away From Hussain

Akbar feels bad for Jodha and becomes angry with Rukaiya. He decides to give Hussain back to Jodha. Jodha tells him that she has given Hussain to Rukaiya by her own choice and she does not want Rukaiya to suffer, as she is suffering without Hasan.

Akbar comes to Rukaiya and says that he is stunned at her inhumanity. He reminds her that it is Jodha’s exceptional generosity that she has given her own child to Rukaiya. Now Rukaiya has forgot everything and even stopped Bharmal’s mother from touching Hussain. He again says that he wants to give Hussain to Jodha for some days.

Rukaiya becomes defiant and argues that it is for Jodha’s irresponsibility Hasan has lost his life. Akbar becomes violent in anger. Rukaiya starts coughing vehemently and falls ill. Doctor says that it is just a general case of cold and fever. She advises to keep Hussain away from Rukaiya.

Rukaiya wants to keep Hussain with Zeenat and Hoshier. Akbar becomes determined that he will give the child to Jodha for seven days. Hamida and Salima support him. The child is taken to Jodha.

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